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Stem Cell Cream Is The Future Of Rejuvenation

The most important anti-aging breakthrough in a decade


"Amatokin activates the potential of our inherent, adult stem-cell reservoirs in skin to help rejuvenate the skin."

Richard Wells, Ph.D and R&D
specialist, Voss Laboratories



Voss Laboratories Amatokin

A first-hand assessment of Amatokin

Posted Saturday, June 02, 2007 by Kristina Frazier-Henry

Although everyone tells me that I have great skin—especially for someone who’s 40—I’ve recently noticed that creases are forming on my forehead, smile lines have set in around the corners of my mouth, and the finest of lines are decorating the corners of my eyes. I didn’t think I’d look 21 forever, but I’m just not ready to look “middle-aged.”

Timing is everything, isn’t it? Just as I was starting to mull over my options, the beauty industry started to buzz about Voss Laboratories’ recently released “miracle-in-a-bottle” known as Amatokin, the emulsion treatment that works with your own epidermal stem cells. (Perhaps you read about it right here on DailyBeauty.)

After using Amatokin as directed (twice daily), my skin is smoother and more even, and not just from a superficial perspective. It’s as though the lightly scented serum has kick-started a process that used to automatically occur for me in younger days when I would gently exfoliate my skin once a week. This product hasn’t irritated my skin or caused any other side effects.

I’m thoroughly convinced that my generation may have found our own version of the fountain of youth.

Featured on page 85 of the Summer-Fall 2007 issue of NewBeauty.

Finally, a real, non-invasive breakthrough in skin care that doesn't involve needles, injections, peels or a visit to the doctor's office. Amatokin could really be "a miracle in a bottle Finally, Amatokin is available in the United States… and it arrives as the most sought-after skin care formula to hit the anti-wrinkle, anti-aging market in more than three decades.

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Make the most of your own stem cells

Posted Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Stem cells are ever-present in the news, and there’s plenty of controversy behind the science of the embryonic kind. One company, however, has found a way to harness the power of one’s own epidermal stem cells for intense anti-aging results.

Voss Laboratories has introduced Amatokin, the first topical product that increases the expression of stem cell markers in your skin. As we age, our stem cell usage becomes almost dormant, and their potential for regeneration goes untapped unless given the right biochemical environment. According to Voss, Amatokin actually produces this environment and breathes new life into epidermal stem cell colonies. And with Amatokin’s functional isolates, the most common signs of aging—fine lines, deep wrinkles and discoloration—are significantly reduced. In fact, clinical trials showed a dramatic difference in the majority of participants’ skin, regardless of type and color.

The much-anticipated launch of Amatokin takes place at Bloomingdale’s in New York City today. But just in case you can’t swing by, you can find it at


Amatokin benefits:

  • The most powerful anti-aging product controls the potential of your own skin stem cells to diminish serious wrinkles

  • Eliminates deep wrinkles, having a long lasting effect

  • Renews old skin making it look younger.

  • It is highly efficient ‘barrier-neutral’ pomade

  • It is the most efficient anti-aging cream ever